MSI On-Line

MSI On-Line offers customers real-time access to detailed account information from cost estimates and budgeting to mail preparation, tracking and invoicing.

MSI On-Line is highly customizable to meet your individual business needs. Unique requirements for cost centers, reference numbers and departments can be built-in for chargeback and cost allocation purposes at no additional cost.

MSI On-Line can be used to calculates costs for rate quotes or actual shipment by customer or centralized budget.

MSI On-Line offers management reports for budget allocation, USPS savings analysis and departmental chargeback. Reports can be generated by Bill of Lading (BOL), invoice number, or date either daily, weekly, monthly or a specified date range. Reports are also easily converted to Excel format.

MSI On-Line is accessed via a password protected login and integrates easily with any application. Training and support are available to customers at no additional cost.


Generates Bill of Ladings (BOLs) and enables customers to schedule pickups online for projects 100 pounds or greater total weight

Customizable to invoice requirements, departmental or central chargeback and reports as required by cost center

Calculates costs immediately for rate quotes or actual shipment individually by customer or centralized budget

Offers management reports for budget allocation, USPS savings analysis and departmental chargeback

Tracks publication distribution by country, verifies counts by country and maintains inventory management real-time

Allows customers ability to retrieve invoices online (current and historical)


  • No special equipment or software required
  • Integrates easily with any application
  • One click conversion of reports to Excel
  • Full featured cost allocation capabilities
  • Training and support free of charge